Happy Birthday, David Hasselhoff



due out: 30th September 2022 (Restless/The Orchard/Sony)

(strictly limited fan box, incl. CD album, exclusive 7” vinyl disc, bonus CD,
3 new tracks, and much more)

It is hard to imagine global pop culture without him: For almost four decades David Hasselhoff has inspired generations of fans all over the world. Just in time for his 70th birthday in mid-July, the American actor, singer and entertainer invites you to a big birthday bash: The current top 5 album “Party Your Hasselhoff” has been revamped and is now released as a lavish and strictly limited fan box, fittingly titled “Birthday Party Your Hasselhoff”. The special edition contains lots of exclusive goodies and is topped off with three previously unreleased bonus tracks!

Cast your minds back to that fateful year 1989, when David Hasselhoff recorded "Looking For Freedom" together with the German producer Jack White. It became the best-selling album of '89, the year the Berlin Wall came down, and stayed in the German charts for no less than 44 weeks. Hasselhoff performed the title song – pop hit of the year in Germany and Switzerland – in front of more than 500,000 people at the Berlin Wall on New Year's Eve 1989. In the rear-view mirror of history, it is often speculated that it was "Knight Rider" Hasselhoff himself who was instrumental in ending the division of Germany and giving the Wall the decisive kick that finally brought it down. Daily sales of the song reached the 70,000 mark, "Looking For Freedom" topped the German charts for eight weeks, staying in the charts for half a year. What is often forgotten: His albums "Night Rocker" (1985) and "Lovin' Feelings" (1987) already sold quite well in German-speaking countries. 

With his twelve albums to date, Hasselhoff was in the German charts a total of 172 times, including 20 times in the Top 10; in Austria, he made it into the charts 142 times, of which 50 times in the Top 10 and occupying the top spot three times; in Switzerland, he was in the charts a total of 104 times, of which 38 times in the Top 10 and once at No. 1. It is a similar picture in the German singles charts with 118 appearances in total, including 16 times in the Top Ten and eight times at No. 1; in Austria, we are looking at 96 times in the charts, of which 50 times in the Top 10 and twice at No. 1; and in Switzerland: 75 times in the charts, of which 20 times in the Top 10 and four times at No. 1. In all three countries combined, the entertainer was in the charts 707 times, of which 194 times in the Top 10 and 16 times at No. 1. Hasselhoff has received gold and platinum certifications worldwide for his many music productions. 

David Hasselhoff is listed in the "Guinness Book of Records" in the category "Most-watched star in TV history", which is little wonder given that he appeared in over 25 TV series. The most famous – apart from "The Young And The Restless", "Love Boat" and "California Clan" – are the two cult shows "Knight Rider" (1982-1986) and "Baywatch - The Lifeguards of Malibu" (1989-2001). From season two, Hasselhoff also acted as executive producer of "Baywatch", a series that was shown in 144 countries and is still considered the most successful television series of all time. In addition, "The Hoff" appeared in more than 50 movies, albeit mostly in supporting roles. 

To coincide with his 70th birthday on 17 July, David Hasselhoff announces the release of a limited fan box edition of his Top 5 album "Party Your Hasselhoff", released last year, on which the king of easy listening pop brought the big party back to Germany: Huge hits such as "Sweet Caroline" (Neil Diamond), "I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight" (Cutting Crew), "It Never Rains In Southern California" (Albert Hammond), "I Was Made For Loving You" (Kiss), "The Passenger" (Iggy Pop), "We Didn't Start The Fire" (Billy Joel) and the Matthias Reim duet, "Damnit, I Love You (Verdammt, ich lieb‘ Dich)", saw people finally letting their hair down again and partying the night away like in the old days. The exclusive fan box, "Birthday Party Your Hasselhoff", will hit the repeat button with full force!

"I have a big warehouse where I keep everything: from the smallest newspaper scraps to props from my films," David Hasselhoff explains. "Looking at all these things from the last decades is like going back in time. Everything is connected to some wonderful memory or other. It was nice to reminisce for a bit just before my birthday". Now David is looking ahead: In addition to the original album, the "Birthday Party Your Hasselhoff" box set, put together by David Hasselhoff and his team, contains lots of exclusive goodies: First and foremost, the strictly limited 7" vinyl disc with an alternative version of the Matthias Reim/The Hoff duet "Damnit, I Love You" as a collector's item, as well as a special silver coin, which was specially pressed to celebrate his 70th birthday! Also included are a leather necklace, a premium scarf made of jacquard fabric, a fridge magnet, a pin, a tote bag, a premium postcard, a wallet, a sticker, a 250g pack of David Hasselhoff's own coffee – have a cup of Hoffee – along with a matching coffee mug, and an exclusive jigsaw puzzle. The fan box, designed by Welsh comic artist Simon Williams, known for his work on various Marvel superheroes such as Spider Man, The Incredible Hulk and X-Men, is topped off with a bonus CD with three previously unreleased songs

"I love what I do. And I think that shows," says David Hasselhoff about his tireless work. "As soon as someone shouts 'Action!', I'm ready! If there's one thing I've learned over the last few decades, it's this: If you want to achieve something, you have to be careful not to stray from your path and to stay in control of everything. Looking back, I am incredibly proud of what I have accomplished. And I still have so many plans in the drawer!" But before The Hoff turns his attention to those, you can enjoy three unreleased songs that make the "Birthday Party Your Hasselhoff" box a real fan item: In addition to an alternative version of "Damnit, I Love You (Verdammt, ich lieb‘ Dich)", Mr. Hasselhoff pays homage to John Lennon and his anti-war song "Imagine", and delivers a brand new track, "Helping Hands", written by Basti Becks (Santiano, Roland Kaiser, Semino Rossi, etc.) and produced by his American neighbour, the renowned star producer and songwriter Fernando Garibay (Whitney Houston, Ricky Martin, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, etc.). 

"Many of my fans have spent years and decades waiting outside concert halls and hotels, because they want to meet me in person, sometimes in the rain, the cold and stormy weather. With this box I want to thank them for their loyalty," The Hoff continues. "With the song 'Helping Hands' in particular, I want to give back some of the incredible love and kindness that my fans from Ukraine show me. We have a special connection. In 2014, I was invited to Kiev to sing 'Looking For Freedom'. Unfortunately, it was not possible at that time because I had every reason to fear being attacked. Today I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to the people there. I didn't have to think long about recording the cover of 'Imagine'. I love the Beatles and I believe in the message that maybe one day all people can live together in peace." 

At the same time as the pre-sale launch of the "Birthday Party Your Hasselhoff" fan box, the alternative version of the Matthias Reim duet "Damnit I Love You (Verdammt ich lieb‘ Dich)" will be released as a digital single on 15 July 2022. It is a particular highlight for David Hasselhoff. "I'm a big fan of Matthias Reim and I love this song! When 'Looking For Freedom' came out, he knocked me of the top of the charts after eight weeks with 'Verdammt, ich lieb' Dich'. He is a great guy and I have the highest respect for him. And that's what life is all about: Respect. And living your dreams. My daughter has a tattoo with a message I thought of one day: 'See it, believe it and you will live it'. Living your dream requires a lot of very hard work. Today I see my life as a gift. It's about being present in the moment, living life consciously and enjoying it. I want to pass this message on to my fans."


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